Angie be - soundwaves

The Bagra Army is initially led by Three Generals ( 三元士 , Sangenshi ? , "Three Head Officers") , three mighty Digimon who are each competing to become the heir of Lord Bagra . Tactimon , Laylamon , and Blastmon are tasked with obtaining the 108 fragments of the Code Crown and present them to Lord Bagra. The Generals rarely leave the Bagra HQ to personally find the Code Crowns and instead rely on their Zone Commander subordinates to search for the Code Crown fragments and lead the Bagra Army forces in each Zone. This habit becomes strained when the human Generals arrive and begin retrieving the Code Crown fragments, forcing the Generals to go into battle directly, ultimately resulting in the demotion of Laylamon, the crippling of Blastmon and the death of Tactimon. When Bagramon steals the completed Code Crown from the Fusion Fighters and Blue Flare and is joined by his brother 's forces, the Bagra Army is rearranged and the survivors are reassigned to serve within the Midnight strike force under AxeKnightmon. Ewan and The Land of Illusion Greatly diminished and full of resentment, the former Generals fight a couple of battles against the Fusion Fighters United Army for AxeKnightmon and his new General Ewan Amano , ending with their route at the Digital Underworld by the human army. In an effort to wipe out both the enemy humans and his superiors in the Bagra Army, Whispered dark digifuses the dying Laylamon and Blastmon into Evilbeast Laylamon , who destroys the Digital Underworld but is taken down in a kamikaze attack by Beelzemon . Beelzemon's Revenge

Angie Be - SoundwavesAngie Be - SoundwavesAngie Be - SoundwavesAngie Be - Soundwaves